Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Overengineering a Real Danger for Small Biz!

Overengineering is the new buzz word in Small business.  Capital is becoming precious and building too much too fast without the proper earnings and investors to fuel growth can be VERY DANGEROUS!  This does not mean cut every corner but limit performance that far exceeds needs.  If you foresee your business expanding in the near future choose products and services that are highly scalable. Avoid locking in high service costs.  When consulting an expert, it is important to mention these concerns.  Consultants will typically suggest a little more than what is necessary in order to ensure needs are met.  Consider limiting costs in low priority areas.

Dealing with a consultant can vary greatly depending on what information is provided to the expert.  It is important to convey needs in writing and priorities as well.  Force yourself to be specific and give as much information as you possibly can.  This will help avoid misunderstandings about the future use of technology.

Learn the pros and cons of open source.  Just because something is free and open does not make it the best fit for your business.  There is a lot of well priced software available that can be used to stay organized and keep your people working efficiently and productively.  Remember that not all software is created equal and try to avoid making major software changes when you already have software to do those tasks.

Once you have examined all the areas of improvement remember to think, "Am I overengineering this process."  Have I minimized the steps necessary to complete these tasks.  Do I really need this high end software?  And always remember KISS...keep it simple stupid! 

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